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ElamA small uplift, such as installing a new garage door, can change the entire look of your house and give it a much-needed boost. At On Edge Online, we believe that home repairs, no matter who insignificant, must be done with skill and interest. Something as seemingly simple as replacing an old door knob can give you great stress if not done properly. But with a little amount of research, you can master all the skills needed to be the handyman (or woman) around your house.

I’m Elam Gadbois, a house and garage expert who believes that the days of finding plumbers and carpenters and paying them exorbitant amounts are gone. Thanks to current technology and expertise, home improvement is now much simpler. Our site contains information, DIYs, tips and advice on how you can make small (or big) changes and repairs around the house. Make your garage as good as new, or paint your house a brilliant new color with great ease using our tips and lessons.

Browse through our site and utilize our home improvement resources, or leave us a message with your specific query and we will get right back to you. I love homes and looking after them, and I hope you will enjoy home improvement with On Edge Online just as much as I do.